May 1, 2009

shepherd's fold vs. selfdribbling basketballs

"Soul and spirit are not the same concept. A soul is that which gives life to a living body. A spirit is that which can exist and act without a body. We see by their different definitions that soul and spirit are not necessarily to be equated. The only case where we find a soul, which is also a spirit, is in that of the human soul." Speaking of "natural and supernatural organisms", what's about all the generations who lived and died before Mary gave birth to her son at one night in Bethlehem? Shouldn't they have had no chance at all to "become saved"? Well, it is "the most important question" for you, Marilynn, isn't it? And how can Jesus be "a son of the creator" when Adam is apparently none?

Followers of the papacy seem to be furthermore deeply caught in another pincers: "Christ gave to his church a twofold source of unity, a twofold guide. One is an interior guide, the Light of Faith, the other is an exterior guide, the Voice of Peter. For Catholics those two guides must always go together. One without the other will not stand. The light of faith (if the voice of Peter is rejected) will go out. The voice of Peter (without the light of faith) will be rejected. Once one rejects this twofold source of guidance that God has given, he is no longer guided by the light of faith, but only by human reason which has been obscured by original sin. Such a one (whether he knows it or not) is given to wishful thinking, for that is one of the weaknesses of our fallen nature. That is, we easily justify doing what we want to do, or not doing what we do not want to do. This is because our judgements are colored or slanted by our desires. And the greater our attachment to some created good, some satisfaction, the more our bodily and rational appetites tend to obscure our reason, and the more we are given to this self-deception.
That is why our conscience, which is simply a practical judgement of the intellect, is not always a reliable guide."

With the next step of this mindset you encounter the mightiest Fuehrer/Pharaoh who've ever lived, whose Jesuit Shepherd's Fold rules all nations on the planet for over 60 years by now, Ignatius Loyola: "I beseech you, bestir you to subjugate and subdue the most highbred and difficult part of your mind: reason and judgement."
THE MOST HIGHBRED PART – "shall" THAT, the enthusiastic Untertan (subject), "be bound in heaven"?? (Mt. 16:19)
Here comes why Terence McKenna has risen, in my opinion, to one of the most important spiritual as intellectual opponents resp. competitors of the Superior General of the Papal Secret Service.

Seeking the Stone:
"As many of you know, I am a great fan and spokesman for Psilocybin, for the Mushrooms. The Mushrooms that I am so stoked on, were discovered in 1953 by Gordon and Valentina Wasson. Discovered in 1953. Made absolutely Schedule One illegal in 1966. 13 years was the window in which Western civilization had to study this compound and figure out what it was for, and they were just beginning to focus upon it, when it was made illegal!
LSD discovered in 1937. Not brought into the scientific literature until 1948. Not generally available I believe in the laboratories until 1950. Made total illegal in 1966. 16 years window! Think about the fact, that when LSD was legal, psychiatrists, professional researchers were consistently reporting cures of chronic alcoholism with one 500 gamma dose. One dose cure … like a 50% curing rate without recidivism for chronic alcoholism. Spectacular findings were being reported! When LSD swept through the scientific community, for pharmacologists, for psychotherapists, for psychiatrists it had the same kind of excitement and feeling of breakthrough, that the splitting of the atom had for the physics community in the late 30s.

Well, science we are told, is this absolutely impartial godlike "body of knowledge" prosecuted by great men. And it will fearlessly send its questing mind into any situation or environment. This is a mental discipline so dispassionate, that it sees nothing at all wrong with strapping monkeys into apparatus and hurling them into walls with 70 miles an hour to study dramatic injuries.
This is a discipline so unflinching in its pursue of truth that it will design tiny television cameras to be implanted in plastic penises, so that we can see the changes in the colour of the vaginal wall as it approaches orgasm. These guys are unstinting in their devotion to truth in any form. And yet, and yet … For 30 years science has accepted government's refusal to allow science to look at the potential impact of psychedelic plants and compounds on human consciousness, on chronic alcoholism, on schizophrenia, on depression, on autism, on learning disorders, on dyslexias, on memory enhancements so forth and so on.
This to me is obscene! The future is mental! Figure it out! If the mind does not loom large in the future history of this species then what the hell future is it going to be?! I mean, this is our crowning glory!"

Drugs & Evolution

self-dribbling jewelled basketballs
"The problem is, you recall I've said the only last 5 minutes. So, unusual amounts of it in the body are very quickly brought down to base line – one of the most transient drugs in the body ever observed! So, and an interesting thing about that, Art, is, when they measured presence, they looked at human cerebrospinal fluid, and they discovered that it reaches its greatest concentration there between three and four in the morning. Well, that's when people are doing the intense REM dreaming.
And so I think, you know, the Australien Aborigines have this concept of the dream time. And I think, when you put the dream time, the chemestry of DMT, the abduction stories together, and the depth with which modern media had programmed and messed with people, you're very closed to being able to begin to talk about the alien phenomenon.
I think there are aliens, but I think they can only reach us through our mind. They don't cross the universe in ships of titanium. They don't even project holograms of themselves into the desert air. They come through the human mind! And if you look at the human mind in all cultures and in all kinds and places – except Western Europe in a few intellectuals in the past few hundred years – the human mind had always been haunted by sprites, gnomes, nixies, elves.
So, I don't see the UFO, the modern wave, as anything more than the latest wave of this mysterious relationship we have with this embodied mind through the imagination. Well, then people say: 'Oh, this is the old psychological reduction argument.' No. Because when I say the human imagination, I don't mean some poultry psychological function. I think the human imagination is the largest part of us and where we're going to stand most of the rest of human history."

"Television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare in history and yet it is a member of the family in most households. The programming that we are constantly assaulted with conditions us to a particular worldview. This fake reality changes our behavior making us less active and more compliant with society's shortcomings. Since television is controlled by a small handful of powerful corporations, viewers will never witness informing, truthful news and entertainment. As political and corporate power unite at an ever increasing rate, being informed is more important than ever. People need to seek out independent and alternative unbiased sources on the internet for their information or we will continue to be manipulated by the corporate controlled media."

I cannot even watch television anymore, actually since November 2001 already. And what happened in November 2008?
Internet ousts Television as Favorite Medium among Teenagers in Europe

"Barack Hussein Obama may yet turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the United States of America. Obama has been caught in lie after lie. His National Security Advisor has stated he takes his daily orders from Henry Kissinger, the one man widely viewed as the architect of our disastrous Foreign Policy, the policy which has done so much to turn foreign extremists into implacable enemies. [...] Americans now more clearly see that individuals, working at the local level, can take care of local problems better than a faceless, bloated and entrenched bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. More and more are realizing that citizens must regain their rights as free individuals. [...] True freedom is on the move. This is why I like Barack Hussein Obama."

The Anti-Jew