April 28, 2009

cults, inculturation, piety, conspiracy

"They believe what their leaders tell them."

The exact reason why I'm always curious about especially your work, Mr. Szymanski, and the "Arctic Beacon" performance within the world-wide "thruth cult" is, that you are truly fighting in the foremost front row against the unbelievable mighty-seeming phalanxes of Rome. Like the "unhived" Big Craig, Big Greg. You both are fearless in choosing the ultimate topical hotspots in this historical fight against a principally over five thousend year-old system of spiritual wardship and economic slavery! That's simply applaudable and very inspiring, and I'd like to try putting this (commenting) public correspondence on a more stable and regular basis.
What a spectacular university the internet does be ...
I think, it causes the fundamental shift here: not only became the Berlin Wall and the whole bloc confrontation obsolete, the web in my eyes is also responsible that they, the Jesuit "Egyptologists", desperately needed that epic 9/11 massacre with its inculturating Psycho Tsunami effect which quite obviously should implement a convincing successor for the Cold War, that furthermore fits perfectly with all surveillance requirements against a new web-based global citizenship. This digital infogrid makes the public now visible and touchable like a phantom which is getting real more and more, you know. I consider it as probably the profoundest political change in the process of human civilization ever!
Centralized radio broadcasting, movie theatres and the televisor were certainly the most efficient weapons of the Counter-Reformation ...

Hiram Dukes interviewed by Jim Arrabito: "The whole thing is that Satan gets as many people as he can on his side, and by starting something else up, he can get more.
He starts first one thing and then another, that's why he has got so many churches, and so many cults, and so many this, and so many that. While he can't get one person on, he get some on another, and the biggest thing, that he gets the most people on, is Tele-Vision.
Satan has all kinds of organization but the Catholic church is his one biggest, most extensive organization that there is in the world. He has these others organized to take care of things, and in some places he works even to destroy himself to make other things to work out for himself."

Brian David Andersen @ the Arctic Beacon Broadcast (ABB) on May 21, 2008 (@ 40th min):
"If you truly want power, what would you do? You control both sides.
If you always create the problem, you always provide a solution.
But if a problem comes up and you can't control it, you don't have control.
So, the best way to have control is always create the problems – then you have a solution."

"Satan" & "Santa" for me, by the way, don't belong to persons or attributes of personalities but simply to principles. Very mighty, basic, and extremely important core principles of political power at all, since the earliest beginning of that phenomenon if you will. "Santa" stands for the exoteric, and "Satan" for the esoteric side of organisations like brotherhoods (the Catholic quasi-governmental Roman institution called "church", for instance, the Jesuit and Maltese Papal Knights Orders or the Illuminist circles) and modern corporations, political parties, or any other ideologically trimmed bureaucratic ranks.

When Papal knights are crossing their swords symbolizing secrecy, when masons use their special handshake, that's where the "exo" meets the "eso" or the "cult" with the "occult". Because every belief system that fits your definition of a cult, Greg, is practically dependent on an inner "Central Committee" with a "Superior General" or a "Secretary General" as Fuehrer/Pharaoh, resp. as imitation of a "godlike" person, like "Jesus" on the top as the ultimate, royal, inapproachable "Chief Corner Stone"!

So therefore, we have "Satan" = "esoteric" = "occult" = "Luciferian" = spirituality for insiders, building the so-called "conspiracy", and "Santa" = "exoteric" = "cult" = "Christian" = mainstream religion as the romantically shimmering "Cloak of History", or as the colorful and apparently chaotic "Matrix" to entertain their serving slaves/"sheeps".
Meaning: real power originates ONLY (ONLY!) from spiritual supremacy according to the motto:
"Theatricality and deception are
(VERY) powerful agents." Against a clever fed, romanticized Weltanschauung (world view), every truth movement had always have a tough job ...
"They utilize anything & everybody to bring their means to an end!"

(@ 28th min) "If we've made the connection between Freemasonry, the Jesuits, United Nations through the courts that they had given us, people like Robert Mueller (the heads of these organizations) who admitted to the fact that Jesuits were their mentors. They have even admitted to the fact that they looked to these books, and they've admitted to the fact that Blavatsky, Bailey and Pike are really the books, that they've created their occult Luciferian doctrine over, and how they at the higher levels – even the United Nation's prayer room is dedicated to Lucifer. People will say: well, how do you know? Aren't you just making that stretch when you say these people worship Lucifer? Well, you have the connections that we just made, then also the connection should be made to Lucifer. Blavatsky tells you. We don't need to tell you. I don't need to tell you. All you got to do is look and comb these people, and they'll tell you. And so, beyond a resonable doubt, beyond legal proof, we can say without a doubt that the Vatican hierarchy, the Freemason hierarchy, the hierarchy of the United Nations, the hierarchy of our government, who takes their marching orders from this organization, represents Lucifer. And this is because Blavatsky says it. She of course was one of their mentors, and she says this, tells you right up front:
'Lucifer represents life, thought, progress, civilization, liberty, independence.
Lucifer is the Logos, the Serpent, the Saviour.'
There we go. So what is 'The One World Order'?? What is it going to do?"