March 19, 2011

Corporation Nation

Clint Richardson

The (Government-owned) Corporation Nation

Clint Richardson interviews

01/22'11 Richardson on Gnostic Media with peace revolutionary Jan Irvin

@ 22 min) Government owns collective stock investments, meaning all of the 185.000 different corporations that are governments collectively own controlling stock within all Fortune 500 companies, many many international companies as well as smaller corporations. We're also talking about golf courses, we're talking about malls, movie theatres – these are enterprise operations. They build condos, our government is building condos all over the world. There is so many aspects to this that it's really frightening in its implications.
So what I did in the actual documentary is to ... just on actual CAFRs for pension funds, they actually have the top ten stock holdings and they are also invested in real estate and mortgage-backed securities, they actually lend money like a bank – it's a huge business with billions and billions in profit each year, aside from 2008 to 2009 where the stock market fell. [...]

Jan) Can you explain exactly what the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is?

Clint) Sure. It's actually a federal law that all corporations, whether they be government or other, must file the annual report. It's sometimes called the "CAFR", sometimes it's called "Financial Statements", it can be just called "Annual Report" but it is the ... With government: The difference between the CAFR which is not given to the public and the taxpayer budget which is given to the public and shown every year – it's what they base their budgets on: Basically, the taxpayer budget only accounts for tax in, or tax collected from the people, and tax out. So, when you see the budget and when you see that every year the budget is ... you know, they're spending more money than they're taking in and therefore they have to raise taxes or raise property taxes and what not, they are not showing you the full financial report which is the CAFR. Now, in the comprehensive report you see everything else.
You see all of the investments, you see several different funds:
for instance, the city of Detroit has about 32 different funds. They can be designated for construction, for land beautification. They can be structured to build a mall, they can be structured for all kinds of different things. The point is there are extreme amounts of money hidden within these funds and hidden within government. The report actually shows a great majority of this.

For instance, I pulled up the Salt Lake County CAFR and just one fund, which is a state fund that's not reported in any way except on the CAFR, is 300 million dollars just in the state investment fund. And that's sitting there, it can be used. All they have to do is give, I think, a couple of day notice that they're gonna withdraw more than two million dollars, and that money can be used for anything. It can be used to pay any budgetary obligation.
And that's the case with all municipalities, cities, counties and states. They all have this money hidden within these investment funds. And it's not necessarily hidden, it's just not reported to the taxpayers, it's only reported on the CAFR which is a full financial statement of each individual government.

Jan) If the governments don't have stockholders then where is all that money going that they are profiting?

Clint) That's a good question and something I haven't gotten far enough to really comprehend.
I do know that it's being invested in other countries.
I do know that there is major discrepancies when it comes to these reports [...]
I wouldn't say that they're scratching anyone's back because literally, they control these corporations [...] they have over fifty percent of the stock in all of these corporations, so they literally own those corporations. And collectively, because it's not all in one government, it's all over the whole spectrum of government corporations across America. We can see that in their own reports: They say that we vote through proxy vote because we have the control, we have the stock. You know, () has 30 million shares of Microsoft stock and therefore it gets that many votes towards the companies what they call corporate governance or the way that each of these governments vote for things like mergers and acquisitions ... everything, everything that happens: The board of directors, they vote on who is gonna be the board of directors and, of course, the board of directors votes on who is gonna be the CEO of the company. So government has control of everything that happens within the Fortune 500 stock of corporations, because it votes on all of these proxy issues that come up with the board of directors. So scratching a friend's back is an understatement.
This is complete ownership of the corporate structure of America – thus "The Corporation Nation".

Jan) Okay, so they literally take ownership of this company and then they are bringing in all of this money and sucking these companies and society dry. But is there ... I'm just trying to figure out who ... you know, the money has to be going upwards to some place ...

Clint) Most people want to think of this in a way that you think of a shadow government, the shadowy elite who are running things, and I have no doubt that those people exist.
("Fight the N.W.O. with Global Non Compliance" pt 2 of 3)
I think we can all agree that the Rothschilds are quite prominent within the world economy, but that's not really what we're talking about. What we're talking about, and this is a very important concept to get because this is a collaborative effort, and it's people that are doing this. People, you know ...
[I like how Clint laughs at the neuralgic points of the interview.]

What's happened with government and with the corporate work force is that we have lost something called ethics.
We've lost morals and we've lost values – especially when it comes to business.
In fact, I would argue that you cannot get ahead in government or in any type of corporate structure without lying, and cheating, and stealing your way to the top.
Jan) I would certainly agree with that.

Clint) Okay. So, what we have is a situation where people, if they do go and work for government, are either a part of the corporation or are not a part of the corporation. If you don't agree, if you have this crisis of conscious, which I'm hoping people will start having, and you say I can't be a part of this: you're hoarding trillions and trillions of dollars from the people while you let them starve, I don't want to be a part of this.
I actually call for a boycott of everything that is government and that includes all of their corporations that they own through stock investment.

The important thing to understand though is there's a lot of people out there that are only interested in getting ahead [...] feeding their family and supporting themselves, and to do that you become part of this corporate structure. Because, you know, it's really hard to really get into business for yourself now, because every aspect of business and all the products are pretty much spoken for. And if you want to get into business you have to sell to Walmart and Toys.R.Us and all these big corporations that pay you pennies on the dollar.

And so the majority of us had to go and work for these big corporations in order to get any type of ... you know, get ahead in any way you really have to give up your soul. You have to give up your morals and your values and you have to forget ethics, because ethics have no place in the corporate structure: The purpose of any corporation is to make a profit. Generally they say the purpose is to make a profit for the shareholders – in this case, honestly, I wish I could answer who the shareholders are, but as far as I can tell, it's just people.

[...] "What we are talking about is a grand lie. When you see reports that pension funds are underfunded, when you see reports that cities, municipalities, states and counties are underfunded, you're talking about one of the most grandiose lies you've ever come across, because the government literally has trillions." (@ 42 min)

02/01'11) "The problem with capitalism is capitalism, the problem with socialism is that it's fundamentally still capitalism. 'Capitalism' is where material production is undertaken not for the provision of the needs of the society, but exclusively for the continuous expansion of profit: the accumulation of value – through ever-expanding material production. It's an ongoing siphoning up a social pyramid – a pyramid supported and enforced by state power."
cca) "Capitalist Corporatism" or "Communist", "Socialist", "Solidarist" "Distributism" are both dialectical variations of the same neo-feudalistic agenda. In the words of James Arrabito: "The Roman Catholic Church will rule the world again." Unbelievable? I know.

Walter Burien on "the biggest game in town"

March 11, 2011



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der gehorsam den man den oberen leistet wird gott erwiesen

der tiefste sitz der krankheit unserer kultur

if you want to solve a problem first you have to be honest

with the palm of the martyr god gives hitler the laurels of victory

never before in the course of the world's history had such a society appeared

never had the carrying out of a greater idea been considered with greater understanding

it's the greatest intelligence gathering system that the world has ever seen

the jesuit index of tibetan books

truth opens and unites our minds in the lógos of love

all we need is the right major crisis

the best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition

it takes a tremendous amount of energy to reduce concrete to below-red-blood-cell proportions

a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic intelligence economic scientific
and political operations

what does a mid-level or low-level player in an ultimately corrupt game do when he

military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns

germany must become the sword of the catholic church

if we are going into war then all of us go not just some

obama's white papal masters

i see all countries are passing gestapo style anti-terrorism laws

a spectre is haunting europe the spectre of

the jesuit leadership has been quite happy to portray the conspiracy as jewish-led

georg sans a german-born professor of the history of contemporary philosophy

no message is more important and critical than the exposure of the jesuits

send us such a man and be he god or the devil we will receive him

symbols are extraordinarily important in world affairs

mystery is the very heart of roman catholicism

mary immaculate, patroness of the united states

the harmony between priesthood and empire is the normal order

the catholic church is right at the top of the pyramid

die einzige kriegstreibende kraft in europa seit über 1200 jahren ist einzig und allein

and practiced satanic torture never before known in this century

former soviet dissident warns for eu dictatorship

the united states helped carry out a vatican plot

it is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the illuminati and the principles of jacobinism

the 1778 vatican edict has never been withdrawn, apologized for or modified

in the late 1860s, a group of men got together and incorporated a privately owned company

the biggest organized crime inflicted on the population of this earth

let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks

a mythomaniac is a guy who gets a lot of ego gratification out of telling a fantastic story

dort, wo die kultur vom kultus, von der gottesverehrung abgekoppelt wird

understanding the ruling group-mind behind the war without end

the object of uniformity among so great a number of persons

if you trace up masonry through all its orders

karrieristen und freimaurer wo man nur hinschaut im vatikan

eine computer-festplatte dürfe kein raum sein wo ein terrorist

es gehe um strukturen für eine menschliche marktwirtschaft

their diabolical character was charted on the axes of space and time

as for the jews i am just carrying on with the same policy which

there has never been anything more grandiose on the earth

i am now as before a catholic and will always remain so

the self-appointed t-rex of political talk

watch closely the movie a scanner darkly alex jones appears in it exactly as he is

he doesn't have the debating expertise or intelligence or lateral thinking enough



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11. 10/07'10 Die Mont Pelerin Society
12. 10/10'10 Erst theologisiert, dann säkularisiert
13. 10/10'10 Katholisch geprägte Kommunisten
14. 10/10'10 Spinozas Gott
15. 10/13'10 Te Deum – Die Benediktiner
16. 10/13'10 Durchdachte Weltordnungspolitik
17. 10/18'10 Te Deum – Die Zisterzienser
18. 10/18'10 Corporate Citizenship
19. 10/18'10 Te Deum – Die Franziskaner
20. 10/18'10 Würdenträger und Menschenwürde
21. 10/18'10 Te Deum – Die Dominikaner
22. 10/18'10 "9/11" und die sieben globalen Übel des Herrn M
23. 10/20'10 Te Deum – Die Augustiner
24. 10/20'10 Einem Haufen Theoreme gläubig zu gehorchen
25. 10/20'10 Te Deum – Die Jesuiten
26. 10/22'10 Etwas Fundamentales das Aufmerksamkeit verdient
27. 10/22'10 Kath. Antisemitismus u. militanter Untertanengeist
28. 10/22'10 Das Axiom/Theo-Mem vom jüdischen Bolschewismus
29. 10/31'10 Taktisches Getöse + erzfromme Menschenschlächter
30. 10/31'10 Christlicher Massenmord zum Wohl des Volkes
31. 10/31'10 Mächtige Wissenschaftsmythen brechen zusammen
32. 10/31'10 Mörderische Logik christlicher Vorstellungswelten


01. 11/01'10 Identische Hasspropaganda der Civiltà Cattolica
02. 11/02'10 Sein Blut komme über uns und unsere Kinder
03. 11/17'10 Mystici Corporis – Urknall für Katholikenglasnost
04. 11/17'10 Jüdisches Überwuchern + strenge Gewissenspflicht
05. 11/17'10 Bischöfliche Judengesetze mit Vorbildfunktion
06. 11/20'10 Personifizierte Unschuld des Mystischen Leibes
07. 11/20'10 Das zentrale christliche Motiv für den Holocaust
08. 11/20'10 Institutionelle Kultur mit gemeinsamem Nenner
09. 11/22'10 Freie Welt
10. 11/22'10 Die Partei der Papisten
11. 11/22'10 Paul Herzog von Oldenburg
12. 11/22'10 Episkopalvokabular
13. 11/22'10
14. 11/23'10 SJler sind die die wissen was stimmt (pt 1 of 4)
15. 11/23'10 Ignatianische Schuldverstrickung im Weltmaßstab
16. 11/23'10 Spieglein, Spieglein
17. 11/26'10 Der Jesuitenorden, Einleitung (pt 1 of ...)
18. 11/26'10 Der Jesuitenorden, Gehorsam
19. 11/26'10 Neues von den Tempelrittern
20. 11/26'10 Lea Tanja Hinze
21. 11/26'10 What in the world are they spraying?
22. 11/30'10 Rechtfertigender Notstand
23. 11/30'10 (Papist) Punditocracy
24. 11/30'10 How does this not drive you insane?
25. 11/30'10 Manne Mäuserich, Kommunikationsstratege
26. 11/30'10 Irdische Bindung lediglich zum General(sekretär)
27. 11/30'10 Docta pietas – intellektualisierter Schriftglaube
28. 11/30'10 Die weltliche Nebenform des Jesuitismus
29. 11/30'10 Eine ganz neue Art von Universalmonarchie
30. 11/30'10 Investigative Journal podcast 2007


01. 12/22'10 NDR-Medienmagazin "Zappenduster"
02. 12/22'10 The "Holy Wood" Hollywood
03. 12/22'10 I was so Jesuit minded
04. 12/22'10 Die Seibelianer – Politiker, keine Journalisten
05. 12/22'10 Ritas Ordensgeschichte und -lieblinge (pt 1 of 9)
06. 12/22'10 whisperweb debate clubs
07. 12/24'10 Channings 9/11-Komplott
08. 12/24'10 Davids Pilzkirche
09. 12/24'10 Gregors Begleitschreiben
10. 12/24'10 Ticklers
11. 12/24'10 Torpedos
12. 12/24'10 Martin Maier SJ über Inkulturation
13. 12/24'10 Unsere Sendung und die Kultur
14. 12/30'10 HHO Oxyhydrogen and Xogen
15. 12/30'10 World Cyber Press
16. 12/30'10 MoWo
17. 12/30'10 Die Verfacebookung des Whisperwebs
18. 12/30'10 Stumbled upon
19. 12/30'10 vimeo
20. 12/30'10
21. 12/30'10 Brüderliche Liebe durch mystische Genossenschaft (pt 1 of ...)
22. 12/30'10 Leere Ka[rdi]näle ohne Wasser, zynische Betrüger
23. 12/30'10 Römisches Regime: Schmelztiegel der Ideologien
24. 12/30'10 Epitarsis
25. 12/31'10 Professoren die vollendete Religion beschwörend
26. 12/31'10 Hunger nach Transzendenz
27. 12/31'10 Kohlendioxid-Markt und Klima-Steuer
28. 12/31'10 open letters
29. 12/31'10 History is what precedes the entry of a species
30. 12/31'10 The spark that has the way out of the labyrinth
31. 12/31'10 Fire in Mr. Melanson's mind
32. 12/31'10 Terry's Conspiracy Archive



09/29'09 The Jesuits have it all under control
09/18'09 I like people who make me think
09/17'09 An important and enlightening book
09/15'09 Christ himself is a powerfully shamanic figure
06/04'09 Die päpstliche Depesche Antonellis im März 1870
06/02'09 Der Jesuitismus – eine Staatsgefahr pt 1
05/31/09 Christus quasi praesens
05/17/09 Embeddedness because of Monolithicness


10/30'09 mail entries 2
10/30'09 The Vatican is a collector of souls
10/28'09 mail entries 1
10/27'09 Octopi
10/27'09 Freeman on the Land
10/26'09 The Balsam of Words
10/25'09 When Catholicism takes over
10/24'09 Elizabeth Gilbert: Being a genius or having one
10/23'09 The transition had been a matter of seconds
10/22'09 Columbia is a very interesting word
10/22'09 Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit comments 1
10/20'09 Are you a Patriot or a Coadjutor?
10/19'09 Der Schrei zu Gott
10/16'09 Codeword Barbêlôn
10/10'09 Monolithisches Denk- und Lenkungssystem
10/08'09 Apropos 5 Minuten
10/05'09 Paul Stamets' six mycological solutions
10/04'09 Herrschaft durch Worte und Musik
10/04'09 Fire walk with me
10/03'09 The Phelps-is-a-deceiver reply
10/03'09 The Monolithic Shepherd's Fold


11/24'09 The corporate model has poisened the free market
11/23'09 Investigative Journal comments 2
11/22'09 Vatican Assassins comments 1
11/15'09 The New World Order Encyclical pt. 1
11/15'09 Eric Shine
11/13'09 Investigative Journal comments 1
11/11'09 America doesn't have a president
11/09'09 Christopher Strunk
11/09'09 Marc Stevens
11/09'09 Where the most powerful get the most watertight
11/09'09 The Jesuits' Musical Kingdom
11/04'09 Vyz Hanson
11/03'09 Secret societies operate through intelligence agencies
11/03'09 Not an Arab-Israeli Conflict
11/03'09 Ultramontan und unfehlbar
11/03'09 The Kennedy's Jesuit
11/01'09 Culture is not your friend


12/18'09 The Vatican Jerusalem Agenda
12/17'09 Vatican Assassins comments 2
12/15'09 Beyond the Grassy Knoll
12/14'09 Investigative Journal comments 3
12/13'09 It has begun
12/10'09 We are educating people out of their creative capacities
12/09'09 New York is the New Jerusalem and this is our town
12/07'09 Not yet united American Christians banned Christmas
12/06'09 news entries 2
12/06'09 news entries 1
12/06'09 entries 2009
12/04'09 mail entries 3
12/02'09 The Jesuits and Political Power