May 31, 2009

idolatry, laity and piety 1

Dennis) And remember how to think! Or just think! I mean, when you see something going on that doesn't make sense, think about it! That's all.
Eric) When you have professionals that don't want to think, it's very hard to having ask the common guy to think, even though they are probably more capable. For example, we have an epidemic of cancer, and yet nobody wants to deal with the causes for that. We have an epidemic of heart desease and don't want to deal with that. So, it's a difficult thing to do but if we want to be free, if we carry with us the responsibility of being able to think for yourself and doing what you need to do.
Dennis) Well, you brought up an interesting term this afternoon, never heard of put quite this way: layman. We have been taught that professionals have to make the laws and the rules and do everything, because we are laymen. And you said – and I never heard it put this way – layman is a term that applies to everything: legal, medical, government. Those in charge know, and the rest of us are laymen, so we don't know.
Eric) That's what they call us. There is no such thing as a layman. It's a ridiculous term. But when you have organized religion, you have a priesthood, and everybody else is the laity. When you have an organized medical profession that's victimizing millions of people every day, you'll have the medical priest, and anybody who studies medicine is a layman. He can't know as much as the doctor, right? It's the same way in law. You have your lawyers and judges, they know it all, but those of us who are not that, we can't possibly know anything about the law, can't we, cause we are just laymen. To be called a layman is to be insulted.
Dennis) Exactly. It doesn't matter, but I wanted to make a point to people out there: We are not laymen at all!

The theory of medicine is completely Jesuitized today.
(John Maynard Keynes – another Jesuit Idol?)

When speaking about loyalty, intended and targeted introduced idolatry, or laymen, for instance, "conspiracy theory" does make its next step forward to serious structural criticism for which I'm putting the question of piety/devoutness into first position asking why somebody wants to believe what he or she believes, thereby dealing with the whole issue of common serfdom to authority. This step appears to me as being absolutely necessary because without it, they can easily keep us cornered in their conspiracy storage siding and nothing will change the Egyptian Shepherd's Fold that we are living under, spiritually and politically literally blindfolded.

From my viewpoint, the phenomena of idolatry and laity perfectly synchronize with Rockefellers "What do you care about them? They are just servers."

Youtube by the way has recently banned (censored) for Germany part 6 (and only part 6!) of an interview with Eric done by Red Ice Creations on September 23, 2007, four days later then published by durian08. The "Hitler-was-a-buffoon" part, you know. Isn't that a kind of ratification somehow?
"He often said, after closing the door: 'My God, what an idiot!'"

@ 14th min – Frank) When you are dealing with understanding the motive of the people you are trying to expose, those people are thinking in terms of hundreds of years, thousands of years. Those people have ... look, the most valuable thing is, they have got over trillion dollars worths of gold in Zürich. That's your gold and my gold. That's not their gold. If you were born in Africa, if you have Afro-American blood than some of that gold is yours, stolen by the Vatican. If you grew up in Europe, or your ancestors grew up in Europe – Ireland, France – than some of that gold is your gold, stolen by the Vatican. But the most valuable thing from the Vatican's perspective isn't gold, cause they've got it all. It's the historical treaties, and genealogical charts, and true history that's locked away in vaults around the world. So when we are trying to understand what's happening in America like the swine flue today, most people who are trying to battle these forces, or trying to expose these forces, have no idea. I talked about the CCR5 anomaly, a natural defect that the ruling families in this world have had nearly three and a half thousand years. They have no idea when we talk about Akhenaten and the () to cyanide that this is a real historical fact. It's real, it's not myth. So, the problem I think people face in America today, in particular the truth movement in America, is that we are not dealing with the same understanding as the people we are trying to expose. And that's why so many people are easily beguiled and throwing off course. From the likes of people like Alex Jones, a paid propagandist. They are the sort of people that easily switch tens of thousands of peoples off therein a blind alley to talk about UFOs when really they should talk about who is behind the swine flue, who is behind pulling the plug on the American economy. So I think, the difficulty for Americans today is this challenge of what is the real history, who is really behind this, and how can I find real proof. Not just accusations, supposition and misdirection.

Greg) That to me is the key issue here. If we are not given all the facts in history, how can we then simulate what's going on today and put it in a proper perspective! That's why shows like this are important because we can add some things and maybe that will help us get to at least an understanding of what's going on and not be let down these rabbit holes like you said by misinformation artists like Alex Jones. [...] What are some other things that we need to look at, that we may have missed? And I think, you cover a lot of this on your website ...
Frank) I would ask anyone listening, and to refer this on, to go and have a look on [...] Francis of Assisi, the greatest saint of the Roman Cult. Go and have a look because if you want to understand what people have missed, the truth, is understanding who Francis of Assisi was.

@ 28th min – Greg) Okay, we're back, all the technical difficulties behind us, my guest is Fank O'Collins, author of The Almanac of Evil. You will get his writings on When you go there, there is so much information. Frank, where do you recommend people start? That's an interesting question because I have gone to your website and I found ... the thing I found most fascinating, and this stimulated a lot of research on my part, and I wanted to thank you, was this connection between father Edmund Walsh, Stalin, and Eisenhower, and Roosevelt, and it gave me a real basis to look into many many things. I did find an interesting speech by Eisenhower after Edmund Walsh died. And it was amazing: without the added information about the behind the scenes of this Jesuit, I would have never understood why they would take this basically educator from Georgetown and elevate him to a status of honor, where an American president honored him in a huge speech. And you can get that on Eisenhower's own website, you know, the presidential website. Quite interesting, isn't it, Frank?
Frank) Well, it is, and I think the answer is, people that are prepared to learn again to have their own interests. It might be from the background, their family history, what they'd like to find out. So people who come from different places, for example, a pastor or someone that may listen or hear of this show, maybe interested to understand the basis behind the whole Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and why in particular for England the Counter-Reformation was so ruthless and vicious. It's until you read, for example, you go on and again look under people, and you go through the 12th century there, when you look at King John of England [...] actually giving up the ownership of England and Ireland to Pope Innocent through a bull called the Golden Bull. It's not to be seen as historic act to realize that when the Vatican went in there, and the Counter-Reformation, and the Jesuits, it was based on to get their property back. [...] But some of the real gems is the use of research I'm putting up there now on people, on bloodlines, on entities, and how it all connects. And I'm really hoping that, like you said, it will spark peoples' interest to understand the motive and the knowledge that these people already have in regard as their most precious treasure.

Greg) When you are trying to understand this story, there comes a point where you reach ... you can't fall into complacency because you say, where else can I go. There is a lot of places to go. And I'll tell you, it's only the beginning, what we are uncovering on this show, of what really happened throughout the ages. Because, you know, it's hard enough to figure out what happened yesterday if you try to reconstruct a crime scene. Just think about going back a thousand years! And I hope that there is something in this story that we bring on this show, which is really a story that I can synthecize down to who controls the New World Order, who is behind it, and the religious and political aspects of it, and how far back does it go. And, in a sence, is the Vatican right now involved in taking back, like you said, the property as they went into England and Ireland to take back what they thought was their property? Are they doing the same thing here in America? My answer to that is, I think, all you need to do is start researching from the point of view you talked about in Ireland and England and see the connections of the Vatican to the formations of our country, and perhaps it's the same modus operandi just in a different manner. What do you think?

Frank) Well, that's right, and I mean, when an American today is concerned for the future of their family and the swine flue, a disease that defies the natural laws of evolution. And I think, people need to understand that. Diseases mutate, but this is the first time that I have heard of a mutating virus being swine flue has combined with a mutating virus being the bird flue to also have the human gens to become a mutating virus of the human. Those three kind of mutating histories to come together and land in Mexico, a country under siege because of its antagonism towards the Vatican ... I mean, the war on drugs and the war of drugs in Mexico is nothing more than the same playbook that was used in southern Italy to break up the first attempt to create Italy as a country, when the Vatican went to its old friend and said, come, build us a network of mercenaries again, in the 19th century, and we know them as the Cosa Nostra, the Mafia. They meet every year in Rome. [...] They still operating. They are the vessels of the pope. So, when people with the swine flue ... they don't unterstand the mindset for this, the motive for this, the history of this. It's all very practical from these peoples' point of view. They don't get emotional about it, we get emotional about it, because we don't want to see millions of peoples die. From their perspective it's just business! And if you don't sign the document, we are gonna kill a few more people!
How simple is that!
So, that's what you're dealing with. You're dealing with people that () and self-fear. Fear is the no. 1 biggest selling product, and they got the market cornered.

And until people understand history, and they are dealing with unknowns, then fear like cement fill within the gaps. So, what I'm trying to do is give people the tools to really play on the same field as they do, and not be fearful, and understand their motives, and understand why. Because in understanding why, you see some hilarious stuff! I mean that quite sincerely, you discover the absurdity of the Chair of St. Peter in the Vatican itself, set up there like a throne, and realize that they went through, well, over a dozen of those. And that the Chair of St Peter is legally supposed to be the original chair. And if its not the original chair, then legally infallibility, ex cathedra, the whole concept in speaking of Chair of St. Peter is an illegal act. It means that all this infallibility debate and all these claims and bulls from the Catholic Church by their own laws are illegal. So when people that see and hopefully learn this ... look, when people start to read and understand the history, they see that ... look, attacking the Vatican, and scream them off, and getting them basically to back in the box, and stop hurting the world – there is so many opportunities to have a goal with them. And it's not just about pedophilia and child molestation. I mean, it goes from everything down to, as I said, I mean, the Chair of St. Peter, the fraud that is the Donation of Constantine, all these things can be used against them. But if people, particular who say they are Christians, that they are Reformers, that they are anti-Papists, if they don't use the evidence that's there, the truth that's there, then they are going in unarmed, half-armed. And they are not going to really find any effective solution to this.

Greg) Good point, and I mean, once you start looking at some of the basic frauds that they have been able to pass off over the centuries – this is not just something that's happened in the 20th century – take for example papal infallibility. That is relatively new. When you really research it, you find, it only came into being in 1870 by a maniac pope. And I use that term not from my perspective but from his own cardinals who called him insane. And so you see that, when you speak of the pope, when you talk to people and you say something against him, they look at you as if you are talking against God on earth. And that needs to be really wiped away. The Bible doesn't talk about it. When you understand the political aspects of this, papal infallibility, the message that they pass, it's nothing but a big lie, and that needs to be exposed. [...] They use religion as a cover. Now, for example, one of the great frauds has been the Apparitions of the Mother Mary. If you look closely, this is nothing new. What about the Apparition of the Mother of Guadaloupe. Mary came there down in 1531 according to them. Interesting that she did just at the time when the Protestant Reformation was taking a big hold and taking a little bit of their property and money away, right Frank?

Frank) Absolutely. Look, example: – and I'm gonna update the website () but the history is there – understanding the Holy See as a corporate entity. A business venture, a joint business venture. And secondly understanding that the legality of that corporation, the charta under which it forms, and operates, and survives, rests on "pillars of salt", rests on sand. It rests on things like apostalic succession. A technical and a very dry argument but nonetheless a crucial legal argument that is: if Pope Benedict can be proven not to be in succession, the successor through historical popes back to St. Peter, then the pope does not represent Christians, the pope is not the representative of St. Peter, and the Holy See is not legally an effective corporation. It is like someone going to court and winding it up. If you can proof that and take that to court, then the Holy See is no longer a legitimate corporation. Now, I find it incredible today that England under Brown is still prepared to watch that country being sliced to pieces and do nothing against the Vatican. I find it extraordinary in America that people are losing homes, life and hope, and America does absolutely nothing against Zürich knowing what Zürich did, to start this from a credit crime ()() of bad loans into a global meltdown. So, I'm hoping that listeners and people I talk to at least start to look at this and go to, and see the facts that have been aright and corrected, because all it takes is one good rock! Just ask King David!

@ 42th min – Greg) The Madoff scandal makes huge news, and then, for example, there is a law suit right now going on in one of our southern states, I believe in Mississippi, where eight insurance commissioners from eight states have gotten together to sue the Holy See for insurance fraud in the billions of dollars. It's huge! Money taken out of American people's pockets through the Holy See, and the story doesn't even get a headline! This is bigger than Madoff but it doesn't get a headline! Why? It shows you the control!
Frank) Because the greatest evil in the world today are the people you watch on the six o'clock news and the faceless people that sit behind their bar line in the rapidly bankrupting newspapers of major cities in America and around the world. People who are self-assured in their intellect who consider all that we speak of as some horrible diversion/delusion, that we are delusional people, that when they get close to the truth, the more unhappy to take that new car, that new job, that new trip, and keep us all as mushrooms. [Einspruch!!] When you have got an intellectual class of people in this world that are more than happy to take these "thirty pieces of silver" and never stand up – unlike the journalist who are prepared to die in Russia to tell the truth about Chechnya [as Gary Webb was as well] – that's the evil that keeps it under it. It's not the politicians. No one should believe that politicians could ever possibly tell the truth. It's just not possible in politics. Nor should I feel that the people behind this who actually do this, the Vatican, are hardly to blame. I can proof to you that these people for the last thousand years have been in business with evil, and look, they haven't changed. What has changed in the last 60 years is that intellectual class, the journalists and the media owners that even today refuse to tell the truth. [...]

And every year, Adolf Hitler is honored. Every year, and not one media outlet – its about all these films on the Nazis – is prepared to even put one paragraph about this agreement ("After 25 years of intense research, padre Peter Gumpel SJ is convinced that Pope Pius XII has deserved it to be canonized."), this incredibly evil act that is right in front of every single eye for the last 60 years. [...] The truth is that the same class of people, [...] I mean that sincerely: The most evil people that I have found, the most cowardly people, the ones that have no spine, our traitors, are the intellectual class [...] the journalists of the world, that are more than happy to take their pie and be self-centered.
And the thing about Murdoch is, Murdoch saw that many of these media outlets are quite comfortable and lazy about [...] they saw an opportunity to turn news into entertainment, he came up with the idea, and that's why they backed him, of turning news from being censored to being entertainment. The once Murdoch sold them the idea, that let's not just censor news and not tell people the truth about the Reichskonkordat, about the 300-mile wide Pentagram, let's turn it into entertainment, they loved him, and that's why he succeded. He is the great entertainer.

Greg) Good point! I didn't think of it in those terms but that's a great way, and you can see what his outlets have turned news into: basically just entertainment. Making it kind of subsidiary of Hollywood, so to speak, so that everything becomes a phantasy, even though it's presented on the news. And if there's any truth, those people are the crazy ones, right? "The ones who are really fundamentalist, really off the wall, you have got to listen to us, our entertaining story first." And that was quite evident in Fox's news coverage of "9/11" if you look back on those early days. They told you a lot of things but I'll tell you what: it served their purposes better than it served truth tellers who really wanted to get to the truth about who caused that event, and I looked at it as, you know, Americans looked at it as, you know, just another escalation of violence of a terrorist group, but they didn't really understand where this terrorist group was formed. And I always said, even the truth tellers who said, "well, the government is involved in this" and they can proof it beyond a reasonable doubt – that's just the first layer, that the layers go so deep that it will go right to, again, right to Rome.

"There is something in this story," Greg, at least for me.
When nearly all internet researchers on all levels call more or less passionately for "waking people up" and "thinking by yourself", "detecting the illusions" and so forth by seeing the world from a new and furthermore changing increasingly more own perspective, I want to make from now on exactly this area of blatant public helplessness and kind of blind-alley self-interrogation resp. appeal to others to the absolute overarching, major subject of my (9/11 Truth) online adventures: mind control per every thinkable sort of piety/devoutness with the Jesus-like Professes SJ as the world champions on this discipline.
The aspect of devoutness beats the aspect of conspiracy by far! Making somebody believe is significantly more important compared to keeping something secret from him. And you can see it, because they are operating quite openly in broad daylight: Ray McGovern (SJ), Michael Scheuer (SJ).
"Il n'y a pas d'assujetissement si parfait que celui qui garde l'apparence de la liberté.
On captive ainsi la volonté même" Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Émile
"Keine Unterwerfung ist so perfekt wie die, die den Anschein der Freiheit bewahrt.
Damit lässt sich selbst der Wille gefangen nehmen."
"No subjection is that perfect than the one that keeps up a pretence of freedom.
Therewith even the will lets itself take into custody."
9/11 is foremost a matter of piety, not of conspiracy!