June 3, 2009

follow your bliss

@ 130th min – Mike) One of the things McKenna used to say was that nature loves courage, and the point was, you know, do follow your heart and do not be afraid to do the things that you felt were good, right and true, regardless of what the culture of the society may have indicated, you know, and if you did indeed show courage that nature would reward you, and the reward of nature for you courage is that she removes obstacles and presents doorways that open where you never would have expected them, and presents people and events in your life that allow you to continue.
Joseph Campbell who is another one of my inspirations and just an amazing person. [...] His specialty was mythology, comparative mythology and comparative religion, and he was very well versed on the mythologies of many many many different people over many many ages across this entire planet. And Joe used to talk about a similiar concept of being helped by hidden hands, and he had his own way of saying what Terence said, and of course he said it before Terence, and Terence had his way perhaps of saying what Joe said. Joseph Campbell – one of the things that he is most known for is a simple phrase. That's this one: "Follow your bliss!"
And Joe argued very convincingly actually, and in his own life and work, that if you follow your bliss, well, you know, you will have the same result as if you show courage in the way that Terence described: "Nature loves courage." They were saying the same thing. And Joe always said that if you did that, you would be helped by hidden hands and doors would open, doors of opportunity where you least expected them, and you would been helped by people who you perhaps wouldn't not of imagine being helped by. So, these are the same ideas and the central motive is that you be who you are. You're not be defined by the culture, you're not be defined by the society, you're not be defined by institution and convention. You be who you are. You follow your own path. And you do it with courage, you know. And you follow your bliss.

The big difficulty or one of the many challenges in a culture like ours, in a society like ours, in a time like ours, is how do you even find out what that is: what really gives you bliss, you know. How do you find something that you are willing to be couragous in your persuade of. The path of psychedelics are perhaps, well not perhaps, are certainly one venue, that this can be attempted and very often achieved. The business of shamanism [...] is to help and to heal. The primary function of the shaman is to help and to heal, and to make art. But the first business of anyone – certainly before a person becomes a shaman – they have to take care of their own business.
You know, you cannot help others until you yourself are okay. And this is the fact of the matter! It's about clarity in understanding of situations in a sort of things. So, if you are unclear and confused and giving advice ... you know, I mean, with all the best of intentions, the results were often times not at all pleasent and sometimes catastrophic. What's the old saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? Well, the thing is, the first of intentions should be: take care of yourself. Heal yourself! Help yourself! Get yourself comfortable and save and secure and honest! Straight about what's really going on in your life and the lifes of those around you.
And once you do that, you know, if that concept of circles that I talk about all the time – your first circle is you! And you square that circle, you get it squared away! You get it straight, keep your own business together. You don't worry about what's happening in the greater world because, frankly, when you are confused and scared and insecure and saturated with propaganda, it's impossible to know! And so for all of us the first challenge I think is to recognize where we are at as individuals, and how we fit into this whole puzzle, and what we can do about our position in it, and how that may effect the greater picture. The circle first goes around you as I say. And then it can be expanded outward, but it happens from inside out, not from outside in. You're not gonna solve the problems of the world by going to Washington and marching on President Bush and whoever else is doing whatever the hell they do there. That's the diversion, right? One of the many. Not that what's going on in Washington doesn't need to be changed, it does! But the way to change it is not by marching on Washington.

The way to change it is by changing yourself. Make yourself into an extraordinary person! Make yourself into a person that nobody else can ignore! Not because of your brutality. Not because of your malice and your pornography. Make yourself extraordinary through good deed and revelation and honesty and truth! And compassion in a way of the shaman, you know, it's available to everybody now. We talked about shamanic technic couple of weeks ago, well, it's available to everybody now. You don't have to be a shaman. You don't have to save the world. But you can utilize the technic and help yourself and your family and your friends and your community and eventually maybe Washington. And it's important to recognize that the methodology ... it's amazing this talk that we just heard from Terence. In 1987! 21 years ago. And it's hysterical because Terence always talked about back then, 20 years ago and further back, about how the psychedelics presented such a grand opportunity because it was immediate! You can get the benefit quickly. And he recognized more than 20 years ago that this was something that had to happen fast. We don't have time, you know, to mess around with things that are going to take decades or centuries to perfect. The path of psychedelics are so profound in the experience of that, that if the right people do it, it could bring about tremendous change very very quickly. There is no question about that. So, you just got a hope that the right people are doing it. And that's one of the reasons why I do the show and talking about this stuff so often is because there are some people out there who are the right people, who should be doing it, and who aren't. And so, one of my charges, one of my responsibilities is to, you know, share this information as it has been shared with me. To try to get the arrow to its mark. And that's what this whole business is about: getting the arrow to its mark!

Me) From a piety-theoretical viewpoint, of course, the question comes in mind why such things as "do follow your own path", "think for yourself", or "wake up" etc. can even play this big role in the public's interest today, when everybody normally thinks of himself as that much of an individual.
There are piety-theoretical aspects all over the place, and the very core of "the conspiracy" also consists of pure piety and uniformity! I think, the post-"9/11" truth movement needs a major shift of its focus on the mysteries of the very blindspot that Richard Grove describes, because by being grounded almost in its entirety on the given conspiracy theatre by professional propagandists such as Jones and Tarpley with their wild and waste New World Order folklore, good enough to entertain the conspiracy-theoretical majority and therewith to generate the well-prepared second main opinion stream beside the plain television mind set, seems to let the movement scrape past the actual key issue which is piety, and not conspiracy. All these issues of highest importance are far more piety-based than a conspiracy like understood in the common sense. Secrecy doesn't actually be our main problem is the point I'm trying to make here. Not what they are hiding but what they are whispering to us is what matters significantly more! Meaning, the whole sphere of public opinion itself, the educational system or the varieties of religious beliefs, for instance, should become major subjects of truthseeking debates. The business of haggling about the entire bandwith of insiders of all sorts must take second place to prudent considerations on principles instead of persons, I believe. The secrecy is just the military feature of the shepherd's fold, nothing more than sheer, definitive brutality. The true art, on the other hand, of that war they are fighting against us all consists of purposely making less-educated and naive ones believe in a proper way, so they can easily be used as servers resp. slaves which includes a lot of subtle and drastic false flag theatre, a lot of psychological terror of confusion, and contempt for mankind in general. Jesuitism as the highly compressed version of Catholicism with its most ruthless and arrogant priesthood of special agents who operate more secretly (Satan) than openly (Santa) being the most effective defenders of the spiritual and therefore political supremacy of the whole Catholic brotherhood and all of their gold, governments, agencies, corporations and institutions of all sorts uses machine-like characteristics of the human soul that are laid out in language, thinking routines and social habits. These are not real democracies we are living in, these are Jesuit (Illuminist, Communist) bureaucracies, what-would-jesus-do neo-theocracies. Absolutist states, so to speak, or just the modern versions of the Roman empire as Eric Phelps characterizes them. Kind of a mafia-style living under a black god-general.