June 5, 2009

remarkable lines

"Many that I brought on were also agents of the Vatican. I learned that the hard way. But it was a learning process, and I'm not afraid to bring them on again. Because this time, maybe I know a little bit more. And through what I've learned to the people on this show that were really enlighten me through the word of God, I can bring it on: if they can not mention it, this connection, I will. And perhaps together we can again expose the Vatican for what they really are: a bunch of criminals who are hiding behind and using the word of God to lie to people. They have many shills, they have shills all over – I can name a hundred right now. But guess who their main one is – it's Jesus Christ."
Greg Szymanski
"Consequently the idea is that god created the whole heavens and the whole earth and he owns everything on it, and so therefore he turned it over to his son, Jesus, his son. But since Jesus isn't here, somebody has to run this place. So, since Jesus isn't here, the Pope said I will be the Vicar of Christ. I'll stand in for him till he gets back. Then when he gets back, I'll turn over the whole world to Christ, but until he gets here, I'm in charge! Okay? As long as you understand that, we're going to do just fine. Now, the first thing the Pope did after declaring himself the Vicar of Christ, made himself the owner of all life on the earth, for Jesus. Jesus owned the whole earth but he ain't here, so I do. Second: he made a contract with the King of England. It was a commercial treaty of sorts with the King of England in which he gave the possessions of Jesus which he held as the Vicar of Christ to the King of England as a corporate holding company. So, the whole world would be under the King of England FOR the Pope. So the Pope owns it but the president of the corporation is the King of England, and that whole corporation menagerie is called 'The Crown'. So when you hear about the British Crown, you have to understand that there is a world of difference between being Engl-ish and Brit-ish. British comes from an Hebrew word, berith. A 'berith' is a contract in the old Hebrew language, and 'ish' is a man or men. Therefore berith-ish becomes british – man of the contract."
Jordan Maxwell
"When you have organized religion, you have a priesthood and everybody else is the laity."
Eric Phelps
"Mystery is the very heart of Roman Catholicism. Pope Paul VI's Encyclical on the Eucharist is titled 'Mysterium Fidei' (Secret of Faith). Vaticanum II (Oct. 1962 - Dec. 1965) refers repeatedly to the 'Mystery of the Eucharist'. The Vatican's new universal Catechism declares that all of the churches liturgy is Mystery! And that its aim is to initiate souls into the Mystery of Christ. It is Mystagogy!" Dave Hunt
"So, the whole Bush dynasty is Knight of Columbus with Jeb Bush, Knights of Malta, Bonesmen, Freemasons and Jesuits. In that family alone you see the unity of all the most powerful secret societies which further proofs our point that all these secret societies work together, subject to the Jesuit order."
Eric Phelps
"The once Murdoch sold them the idea, that let's not just censor news and not tell people the truth about the Reichskonkordat, about the 300-mile wide Pentagram, let's turn it into entertainment, they loved him, and that's why he succeded: he is the great entertainer."
Frank O'Collins
"The papacy has put together an infrastructure here in the U.S. to carry out a North American Jewish Holocaust as well as the Holocaust against true Bible believers and any 'enemies of the state'."
Eric Phelps
Once you begin to see how words and terms and symbols are used, and of course symbols are extraordinarily important in world affairs. If you don't think so, if you don't understand the concept of how important symbols are, put a swastika on your arm and go to your local synagoge and watch the reaction you get. Symbols mean things to people, and the powers that be in this world have set up a world of symbols and emblembs and terms and catch phrases, and once you understand how this system works, it's fascinating! Because for the first time, the world opens up to you a whole new perspective on how government works, on how banks work, on how institutions and education … why we have something called "The Police". Where does the word "Sheriff" come from. Why do you have go-vern-ment.
Once you begin to see how these words are used and put together, all of the sudden it opens up a whole new perspective on how stuff is happening. Because in the world today most people look at the things which are happening in this world and they can't make heads and tails out of it. It doesn't make any sense at all. It's destructive, it's lunacy, it's chaos. But in point of fact, the things which are happening in this world are not chaos at all. It is very well planned, organized and directed. There is an hidden agenda, so to speak."
Jordan Maxwell
"The Pope authorized the invasion of Ireland and sent the king a ring of investiture as Lord of Ireland."
Richard Bennett
"Greg, is America just a big invasion of bodysnatchers or anyone of these movies, you know, the ones where a shadowy enemy changes the pattern the way people think, and we are the outsiders with the problem? Because that is the way I feel."
"Thousands of proofs, incidents of conversation, questions put at long intervals on delicate points, and imperceptible circumstances of the drama, have always resulted in an agreement so exact, positive, and formal, that truth alone could produce such perfect coaptation. [...] I have no doubt, therefore, if the authenticity of the narrative become the subject of serious discussion, that narrator will rise victorious over every difficulty that can be raised up against him. [...] Now, the Theocratic genius, founding its domination on the alleged interests of God – covering them with the impenetrable veil of the Sanctuary – marching with the infinite resources aquired in a long practice of confession, in a profound study of the human heart, and in the arsenal of all the seductions of matter and mysticism, taking for the auxiliaries of its inimitable design human passions, obscurity, and time – the Theocratic genius – if, with a deliberate consciousness of its aim, it has constituted itself a hierarchical militia, detached from all ties of affection – must necessarily carry to its maximum of concentration and energy that politic spirit before which persons and the morality of actions disappear, and which retains but one human sentiment and one moral principle – that of absolute devotedness to the animus of the corporation, to its aim and its triumph."
Victor Considérant
"The Columbian system goes back to the Columbian faction of the Illuminati, back in the early 1700s, not the late 17th. You began to see why Space Shuttle is called Columbia. You have Columbia University, Columbia Pictures, Columbia Broadcasting. Columbia is a very interesting word, and it's connected to the Jesuits. Incidently, the Jesuits are very pronouncely involved in the destiny of this country. The Jesuit order is very much involved in the founding of this country and the direction of its politics. Georgetown University, from which many of the presidents and big shots in government get their education, is a Jesuit university."
Jordan Maxwell
"Today when you see, once a year, at the State of the Union, when you see the president comes out and the Speaker of the House says: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States', everybody in this country thinks this is the President of America. America doesn't have a president. This is a corporate term used in business. The United States Corporation is a privately owned company. It's privately owned. And it's a ten miles square that it operates in called 'The District of Columbia'. 'Columbia' simply means universal. This is what 'Catholic' means: universal. When you start tracing back the ownership of the corporation called 'United States' privately owned company, then you began to see that, if you say that you are a citizen of the U.S., what you're saying lawfully is that you are an employee of a foreign corporation on the International Maritime Admiralty Law. You are an employee of a privately owned company."
Jordan Maxwell
"All of these things in the 4th session of the Council of Trent are condemned, anybody who believes in freedom of speech, and freedom of conscience, and freedom of the press.
So, those maxims of the Council of Trent are brought into The Protocols when The Protocols condemn freedom of conscience. They condemn freedom of the press. They condemn national governments and national sovereignty."
Eric Phelps
"Diego Laynez went on to be the Jesuit General after Loyola. Laynez was the second Jesuit General. He was the master-mind of the Council of Trent. Laynez was a Jesuit by allegiance, and a Jew by race. This is very important. And it's the result of Laynez being a Jew, when this was brought to light in 1593, that the Order passed a statute that no Jew could ever be in the Jesuit order again. This is very important. This is why Weishaupt was not a Jew. It was against the constitutions of the Order for a Jew to be in the Order."
Eric Phelps