March 11, 2011


der gehorsam den man den oberen leistet wird gott erwiesen

der tiefste sitz der krankheit unserer kultur

if you want to solve a problem first you have to be honest

with the palm of the martyr god gives hitler the laurels of victory

never before in the course of the world's history had such a society appeared

never had the carrying out of a greater idea been considered with greater understanding

it's the greatest intelligence gathering system that the world has ever seen

the jesuit index of tibetan books

truth opens and unites our minds in the lógos of love

all we need is the right major crisis

the best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition

it takes a tremendous amount of energy to reduce concrete to below-red-blood-cell proportions

a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic intelligence economic scientific
and political operations

what does a mid-level or low-level player in an ultimately corrupt game do when he

military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns

germany must become the sword of the catholic church

if we are going into war then all of us go not just some

obama's white papal masters

i see all countries are passing gestapo style anti-terrorism laws

a spectre is haunting europe the spectre of

the jesuit leadership has been quite happy to portray the conspiracy as jewish-led

georg sans a german-born professor of the history of contemporary philosophy

no message is more important and critical than the exposure of the jesuits

send us such a man and be he god or the devil we will receive him

symbols are extraordinarily important in world affairs

mystery is the very heart of roman catholicism

mary immaculate, patroness of the united states

the harmony between priesthood and empire is the normal order

the catholic church is right at the top of the pyramid

die einzige kriegstreibende kraft in europa seit über 1200 jahren ist einzig und allein

and practiced satanic torture never before known in this century

former soviet dissident warns for eu dictatorship

the united states helped carry out a vatican plot

it is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the illuminati and the principles of jacobinism

the 1778 vatican edict has never been withdrawn, apologized for or modified

in the late 1860s, a group of men got together and incorporated a privately owned company

the biggest organized crime inflicted on the population of this earth

let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks

a mythomaniac is a guy who gets a lot of ego gratification out of telling a fantastic story

dort, wo die kultur vom kultus, von der gottesverehrung abgekoppelt wird

understanding the ruling group-mind behind the war without end

the object of uniformity among so great a number of persons

if you trace up masonry through all its orders

karrieristen und freimaurer wo man nur hinschaut im vatikan

eine computer-festplatte dürfe kein raum sein wo ein terrorist

es gehe um strukturen für eine menschliche marktwirtschaft

their diabolical character was charted on the axes of space and time

as for the jews i am just carrying on with the same policy which

there has never been anything more grandiose on the earth

i am now as before a catholic and will always remain so

the self-appointed t-rex of political talk

watch closely the movie a scanner darkly alex jones appears in it exactly as he is

he doesn't have the debating expertise or intelligence or lateral thinking enough